Reach out to millions of customers of banks, telcos, airline, FMCG companies etc via promotions/ deals!



Enjoy lower MDR rates than card terminals!


Reach out to wider range of customers from a wider area via food delivery services!


Our Services

*Merchant Acquisition (Offers / Card Terminals / Mobile Wallets)

*Merchant Year-Long/ Seasonal Tactical Campaigns

*Merchant Artwork Edits (Website / Social Media / App)

*Merchant Offer T&C proofreading

*Online Portal CMS update & maintenance for mobile app and website (Promotion section)

*Merchant Promotion Fulfilment:

– POSM Printing & Production

– POSM Warehousing

– POSM Delivery Logistics

– Merchant Promotion Training/ Mystery Call

*Merchant Co-Marketing Arrangements

*Merchant Survey / Research / Feedbacks / Insights

*Merchant Offer Dispute Resolution and Consumer Compensation (SLA: 24x7xNBD)

*Redemption Data Compilation

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